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Wireless voting system-Full digital wireless voting Host RX-M2823

Full digital wirelss voting conference controller is core component of RESTMOMENT ADCS conference system. It realizes the communication with transceiver, voting units and PC management software functional modules. It centralized controls wireless voting conference functions through navigation key board of the front panel and LCD screen.

Product number:RX-M2823


  • Description
  • Technical Specs
  • Connection
  • Ø Restmoment original Full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC60914 and IEC 60065.

    Ø Main unit shell is made of metal, strengthen the connection of  the ground wire & circuit、shell. Antistatic interference 8000V, in line with the GB/T17618-1998 standards

    Ø Adopting 2.4G digital radio frequency communication technology. Multilevel error correction and encrypted coding, has high confidentiality and low error rate.

    Ø Can control all of the vote function via the navigation keyboard of the panel

    Ø Adopt high speed RISC embedded hardware structure, more reliable, faster.

    Ø 2.8 inch LCD, display Chinese & English.

    Ø Dual-machine backup functionality, when one main unit have problem, another main unit ensure the system work on.

    Ø Main unit could start sign-in、vote function, LCD display the result.

    Ø Support key sign in 、later sign in, display actual sign in situation.

    Ø Main unit with new sign-in 、new vote、new polling、new respond、new score、setup、result display function.

    Ø Support IC card sign-in、ID recognize、IC key and setup language function.

    Ø It has four-way wireless transceiver communication interface, using 485 communication protocol.

    Ø Bi-directional authentication mechanism

    Ø The distance between main unit and Voting transceiver at most reach 1.2 km

    Ø Main unit connect computer with RS232 protocol

    Ø Aseismatic standard is: 1.5M free fall shake

    Ø Adapt of aluminum cover, hazardous materials, passed RoHS.

    Ø 2U standard design, could put it in 19 inch rack cabinet.

    Ø Cooperate with software, can implement more functions.

    • Wireless voting system-Full digital wireless voting Host
  • Mode


    Working power

    AC100~120V, 8A   /    AC220~240V, 4A

    Working consumption

    Static state 25W, Maximum 250W

    Modulation mode

    Digitai Wireless Data

    Unit QTY


    Carrier frequency



    2.8 inch

    Menu Chinese/English

    communication protocol


    Unit ID number

    User defined

    Transceiver connection

    RJ-45(controller and transceiver)/USB(between controller)

    Voltage of unit output port


    Dual controllers backup


    Voting function


    Connection cable for transceiver CAT5

    Unit transmission mode

    2.4G wireless


    Dark grey

    Net weight



    432×90×350 mm


    19 inch normal stand

  • Wireless voting system-Full digital wireless voting Host RX-M2823

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