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Tabletop conference microphone RX-Q2

Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard; The sound is near CD quality.

Product number:RX-Q2C RX-Q2D


  • Description
  • Technical Specs
  • Connection
  • Ø Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard.

    Ø Built-in 24 points self restraint return function. The sound is near CD quality.

    Ø All digital audio transmission technique, point to point connection mode, remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 100m

    Ø Elegant table top design.

    Ø The system is connected by “Hand in hand ring”.

    Ø In “hand in hand ring”, the system will not be effected if there is a disconnection in ring.

    Ø Support”PnP”

    Ø Strong anti-interference from mobile phone; Anti-interference from external driving source.

    Ø Each unit has arbitrary distribution ID address, convenience for installation and avioding ID address repeating.

    Ø 4 work modes:Limited mode,FIFO mode,Apply mode,Free discussion mode.

    Ø Cooperated with video controller and camera, have video tracing function.

    Ø Chairman unit have Priority, could switch off the speaking units.

    Ø Working with management software to achieve more functions.

    • Tabletop conference microphone
  • Mode

    RX-Q2C series

    RX-Q2D series

    Unit type

    Tabletop conference chairman unit

    Tabletop conference delegate unit

    Capacity of system

    Depends on system controller, ≦65535

    Frequency respond

    30-20KHz(Human voice golden Frequency respond)

    MIC type


    MIC sensitivity




    Dynamic range


    Total harmonic distortion

    < 0.45%

    Working power supplier


    Working current

    50mA ±5%

    Maximum consumption


    Control type


    Edit ID

    Distributed by system controller

    Connection mode

    Hand in Hand ring



    Net weight



    126x 149x 59mm


    Grey ,Black, Silver (Custom-made)



  • Tabletop conference microphone RX-Q2C

    Figure 4.2   Description for unit

    1. Speaking indicator

    2. Only one speaking button for delegate unit; For chairman unit, left is priority button, and right is speaking button;

    3. Microphone pole

    4. Microphone indicator light: Light is on during speaking

    5. Input and output RJ45 jacks

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