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Digital court audio system-Digital court audio system controller RX-M10

Digital court audio system specifically applied court scenes, fully digital audio procedure technique, anti-rejection circuit, suitable for all kinds of court.

Product number:RX-M10


  • Description
  • Technical Specs
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  • Ø Restmoment digital audio procedure technique, hint system speed and guarantee system stability

    Ø Self-developed patent AVD-Auto Voice Detect, recognizing speech voice , signal auto, and won’t be influenced on circumstance.

    Ø The system has set the Identity and Rights Assignment, Presiding judge and the clerk can control both independently and witnesses, suspects speech unit. Presiding judge as the main controller

    Ø Specially circumstance pickup input, output, won’t influence on PA.

    Ø Witness and suspects speech unit, hand in hand .

    Ø Video tracing function, start time less then 1/1000 s

    Ø Feedback inhibition function, adjust input and output signal.

    Ø System with balance and un-balance input, output

    Ø Anti-cell phone interference, when calling, no noise.

    Ø Working with hearing system, remote control function achieve

    Ø Dependent input, output channel, can connect to recorder.

    Ø 2.8 inch LCD.

    Ø Hand in hand connection by netting cable, 5 way unit output, one way can hold 15 units.

    Ø System auto checking function, can check system work statement.

    Ø Can appoint unit ID, display voice unit jurisdiction in line.

    Ø Adapt of aluminum cover, hazardous materials, passed RoHS. Anti static 8000V

    Ø 2U standard design, could put it in 19 inch rack cabinet.

    Ø Built in Universal power supply and Voltage regulation system.

    • Digital court audio system-Digital court audio system controller
  • Model


    Working power

    AC100~120V, 8A / AC220~240V, 4A 50/60HZ

    Working  consumption

    Maximum 100W


    2.8 inch screen


    Chinese/English or custom made

    Capacity of  each way


    Voltage of unit  output port


    Audio input

    RCA*2,5V rms XLR*1,2.5V rms

    Audio output

    RCA*2,5V rms XLR*1,2.5V rms

    Output impedance

    1.2 KΩ

    Frequency  response

    20 ~ 20KHz



    Dynamic range


    Total harmonic  distortion


    Unit ID number

    User defined

    Serial port  control

    PC, central controller, hearing controller

    Unit connection

    zHand in hand by netting cable

    Video capacity

    4 cameras


    Dark grey






    Suitable for 19 inch standard stand

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