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Full digital dual system conference controller RX-V4.9

One core, Two chips, Dual link and Multiple backup. It is the first choice for important conferences

Product number:RX-V4.9


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  • Ø Adopt RESTMOMENT original ADCS full digital conference technology, compliant to IEC60065 international standard.
    Ø 5 MIC management modes (Support speaking microphone 1pc~6pcs)
    Ø The controller has a three-in-one function, which can be set as a system controller, a backup controller and an extension controller.
    Ø Adopt dual-core design. It has digital dual channel function. And each channel has independent power supply, display, control and independent backup operation.
    Ø Adopt double 5 inch capacitive touch screen, which can display and control independently
    Ø The microphone has bass cut function. It has built-in noise gate and it can adjust the automatic/manual gain of each microphone.
    Ø The microphone has a 5-band EQ balance adjustment. And each microphone can be set with a specific EQ and volume adjustment
    Ø Line 1 input interface can be setup as microphone input or linear input.
    Ø Each channel input and output has independent volume adjustment function.
    Ø Support max 100 delegates to apply for speaking sequence; It can display real-time application sequence on PC software.
    Ø System supports 150 chairman units. It could specify any unit as VIP unit.
    Ø Working with the conference management software, it has one-key backup and system recovery functions.

    • Conference Microphone System
    • Video Conference System

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