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Full digital interpretation controller RX-M9316XP

Interpretation controller adopts full digital audio decode and digital audio compression technology. The output sound is near CD quality. It has 8 CH, 16 CH, 32 CH simultaneous interpretation and monitoring (including floor channel) function. It centralized controls conference through 5 directional navigation keyboard and 5 inch LCD screen.

Product number:RX-M9316XP


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  • Ø Adopt Restmoment full digital conference technology, compliant to IEC 60065 international standard
    Ø Adopt high speed ARM digital processing hardware structure, more reliable, faster.
    Ø Adopt full digital audio transmission technology. The sound quality will not degrade after long distance transmission. And the transmission distance can reach 150M
    Ø Built-in input/output digital volume adjustment. It can adjust system input/output signal.
    Ø It has 2 working modes: Quantity Limit and FIFO (First in first out).
    Ø The system has the dual-machine hot backup function.
    Ø Built-in Noise Gate Setting. And it has bass cutting function
    Ø It has 5-band EQ balance adjustment. And each microphone can be set with a specific EQ and volume adjustment
    Ø Line 1 input interface is the balanced, which can be configured as microphone input or linear input. Microphone input supports phantom power supply mode.
    Ø The output interface of line 1 is the balanced.
    Ø Line 1 input/output has independent volume adjustment function.
    Ø The line 2 input interface is a non-balanced input.
    Ø The Line 2 output interface is a non-balanced output.
    Ø Line 2 input /output has independent volume adjustment function.
    Ø The system has 6-way translation consoles output interfaces. And a single controller can connect 72 consoles simultaneously.
    Ø Adopt ID addressing. It can customize the ID number, and detect the controller automatically. It can monitor the operation of the system real-time.
    Ø Built-in Adaptive Feedback Control (AFC), Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC), digital Equalizer (EQ), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and Automatic Level Control (ALC) functions.
    Ø The Network port connects to the PC.
    Ø It has RS-232 interface, which can be connected with programmable central control system.
    Ø The system has "hot swap" function, which can guarantee the safety and stability of the system.
    Ø Built-in 99 language names. All units can display the name of the channel on the screen.
    Ø It has password protection function for the controller and interpretation consoles to prevent unauthorized personnel to operate the system.
    Ø Restore factory defults function to prevent messing the parameters.
    Ø Built-in international general power supply and voltage stabilization system, to ensure the safe use under unstable voltage.
    Ø Working with the conference management software to implement one-click backup and restoration.

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