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Full digital extension host RX-K3001

Full digital extension main unit is the extension module of ADCS system, when desk exceed 80 units, need extension. It have 4 line connector, could connect 80 pcs units.

Product number:RX-K3001


  • Description
  • Technical Specs
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  • Ø Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC60914.

    Ø Can control the conference via the navigation keyboard of the panel

    Ø Adopt high speed RISC embedded hardware structure, more reliable, faster.

    Ø Full digital audio technique, close to CD sound quality, Distance between two units could reach at 150m

    Ø 2.8inch LCD, display Chinese & English.

    Ø system checking auto function,  can adjust ID No

    Ø Support “PNP”

    Ø 4line unit output. Every line with 20 units. At most 80 units

    Ø 2 extension connector, could connect next extension main unit

    Ø The max capacity is 65335 units

    Ø System support hand-in-hand connection, Y type connection, Junction box and round type hand-in hand connection

    Ø Adapt of aluminum cover, hazardous materials, passed RoHS.

    Ø 2U standard design, could put it in 19 inch rack cabinet

    Ø Built in Universal power supply and Voltage regulation system

    • Full digital economical controller-Full digital extension host
  • mode

    RX-K3001 series

    power supply

    AC100~ 120V, 8A / AC220 ~240V, 4A

    Power consumption

    Signal:25W, Max: 400W


    2.8 inch


    Chinese, English

    1 line Capacity


    System capacity

    80 units, extension 65535 units 

    Transmission distance


    Unit output connector volt


    Unit connector

    6P DIN



    Net weight



    432L x 90H x 350W mm


    19 inch rack cabinet

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