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System Main Unit RX-Q3M

Full digital main unit is the core component of ADCS system. It’s the important intercommunication factor of conference unit and software. Can control speech、video tracing via the navigation keyboard of the panel, and LCD.

Product number:RX-Q3M


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  • Ø Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60065 international standard
    Ø Adopt high speed RISC embedded hardware structure, more reliable, faster
    Ø True full digital conference technique; digital signal for controlling and transmission; professional network cable for connecting; remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 100m
    Ø Frequency response is 20Hz – 20KHz which is close to CD sound quality
    Ø Special wheel type operation. It can control all conference functions by knob control panel.
    Ø 1.6 inch LCD, Chinese/English menu display, can order any language.
    Ø Built-in input/output digital volum adjustment. System can adjust input/output signal.
    Ø System-defined ID number to aviod the colliding of ID address.
    Ø System self-checking function which can check system list and working status. Also it can position the fault.
    Ø System support 60 chairman units, could specify one as chief chairman.
    Ø Strong anti-interference from mobile phone;
    Ø Support”PnP” to keep system’s safty and stability.
    Ø Two RS-232 ports which can connect PC and central control system. The other port can connect HD video matrix.
    Ø Can control HD video matrix with same code to switch the videos.
    Ø Support video tracking function. 
    • The main controller can connect 8 cameras. Each camera can be preset 64 points. (It means each camera can track 64 microphones)
    • When the chairman unit or delegate unit presses the Speaking button, the camera will track it automatically.
    • It can control the camera up / down / left / right, etc.on the controller. And it can manually adjust the camera aperture and focus.
    • It can control the running speed of the camera on the controller, such as high speed, medium speed and low speed.
    • After all microphones are turned off, the panorama can be transferred automatically.
    Ø It has RS-422, RS-485 and RS-232(need convertor) video control modes.
    Ø Built-in balance and unbalance audio input/output ports. 
    Ø 4 MIC management modes
    • Limited mode, 1-6 microphones permitted to speak at the same time
    • FIFO mode, microphone key control with override of the active microphones
    • Apply mode, microphone key with request-to-speak registration
    • Free  mode

    Ø 5 unit output channels and support 15pcs speaking units on each channel. Working with conference extension controller, the whole system can contain 65335 units

    Ø System has “Line hand in hand connection” , “ring type hand in hand connection” and “Y type connection” with distribution box 
    Ø System has “Conference” and “Speech” modes.
    Ø Adopt 1U international standard design, Aluminium alloy case, antistatic. It can prevent 8000V static.
    Ø It has ROHS, CE, CQC certification.
    Ø Built-in international common use power and stabilized system.
    Ø Working with conference management software to achieve more increment functions 

    • Digital conference controller
  • Model



    Fully Digital Networked Conference System

    Unit type

    System Main Unit

    Working power

    AC100240V, 50/60Hz 2A

    Working consumption

    Depends on unit quantitySingle controller 1.5W Maximum 120W

    Capacity of each way

    15 microphones

    System capacity

    75 microphones for each System Main Unit

    Transmission distance


    Output interface voltage of unit


    Audio input

    RCA × 2       2V pp

    Audio output

    RCA × 2     2V p

     XLR × 1         +6dB

    Output impedance


    Frequency response

    20 ~ 20KHz



    Dynamic range


    Total harmonic distortion


    Edit ID for conference unit


    Quantity of possible chairman units


    Serial port control

    A serial port, which can connect PC and central System Main Unit

    Working modes

    4 modes

    Quantity of turnning on units

    1/2/3/4/5/6 or all

    Speaking limit function


    Video control type


    Unit connector



    Dark grey

    Net weight



    432L x 45H x 212W mm


    Suitable for 19 inch standard stand

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