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Tabletop Conference Chairman and Delegate Unit RX-Q3C / RX-Q3D

The delegate unit enables the participants to discuss (listening and speaking) effectively. Participants can control the speech of the conference unit through the switch button and realize the automatic video tracking function with the high-speed PTZ camera. Except the same functions as the delegate unit, the chairman unit has more “priority” functions for the conference. Chairman can control and mute all enabled microphones temporarily or permanently (depending on the settings inside the chairman unit) via the “priority” button.

Product number:RX-Q3C RX-Q3D


  • Description
  • Technical Specs
  • Connection
  • Ø Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60065 international standard.
    Ø Built-in 24 points self restraint return function. The sound is near CD quality.
    Ø All digital audio transmission technique, point to point connection mode, remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 100m
    Ø Elegant table top design.
    Ø The system is connected by “Hand in hand ring”.
    Ø In “hand in hand ring”, the system will not be effected if there is a disconnection in ring.
    Ø Support”PnP”
    Ø Strong anti-interference from mobile phone; Anti-interference from external driving source.
    Ø Each unit has arbitrary distribution ID address, convenience for installation and avioding ID address repeating
    Ø 4 work modes
    • Limited mode                 • FIFO mode
    • Apply mode                    • Free  mode
    Ø Cooperated with video controller and camera, have video tracing function.
    Ø Chairman unit have Priority, could switch off the speaking units.
    Ø Working with management software to achieve more functions.

    • Tabletop conference microphone
  • Mode




    Fully Digital Networked Conference System

    Unit type

    Tabletop conference chairman unit

    Tabletop conference delegate unit

    Capacity of system

    Depends on system controller, 65535

    Frequency respond

    30-20KHz (Human voice golden Frequency respond)

    MIC type


    MIC sensitivity


    Gooseneck MIC

    Length 520mm with small head 


    0 ° / 180 °> 20 dB (1 kHz)

    The maximum sound pressure

    130dB (THD<3%)

    Equivalent Noise

    20dBA (SPL)



    Dynamic range


    Total harmonic distortion

    < 0.45%

    Working power supplier


    Working current

    50mA ±5

    Maximum consumption


    Control type


    Edit ID

    Distributed by system controller

    Connection mode

    Hand in Hand ring



    Net weight



    126x 149x 59mm


    Grey ,Black, Silver (Custom-made)



  • Tabletop conference microphone RX-Q2C

    Figure 4.2   Description for unit

    1. Speaking indicator

    2. Only one speaking button for delegate unit; For chairman unit, left is priority button, and right is speaking button;

    3. Microphone pole

    4. Microphone indicator light: Light is on during speaking

    5. Input and output RJ45 jacks

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