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Full digital infrared language distribution system-Interpreter Console RX-E9002XP

The RX-E9002XP is an dual translation console for simultaneous interpretation. A single device allows one or two interpreters to monitor local or relay sources. The console is perfect for lecture-style meetings where all interpreters speak the local or "Relay" language. The RX-E9002XP has many useful new features to help simplify installation, improve audio quality and increase flexibility

Product number:RX-E9002XP


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  • Ø Adopt Restmoment original full digital conference technology, compliant to IEC 60914 and IEC 60065 international standard

    Ø Reasonable function and layout, easy to operate.

    Ø Aluminium alloy appearance. Steamline design, accord with clay engineering

    Ø Adopt full digital audio codec technology and digital audio compression technology. The sound is near CD quality. Listeners have comfortable, natural and high quality sound finishing.

    Ø Interpretator will not be disturbed by amplifier.

    Ø LED display to make easy operation.

    Ø 4 X USB charging jacks on two sides.

    Ø Built-in audio power amplifier.

    Ø Compatible with FM or Infrared system.

    Ø 3 steps compression limit.

    Ø Red LED key is flashing as OFF mode(Web-casting standard)

    Ø Peak level indicator light allows technicians to easily ensure audio output levels are consistent.

    Ø RCA jacks make recording the interpretation simple

    Ø Multiple microphone and headphone connection options for each interpreter make using your existing equipment a snap.

    Ø Supports an array of hands-free headphones and microphone.

    Ø Individual controls for each interpreter ensure optimal listening and output levels.

    Ø Automatic interlock of the relay channel.

    Ø Floor signal enters into not occupied channel automatically.

    Ø External 24V DC power supply.

    • Full digital infrared language distribution system-Interpreter Console
  • Parameter\mode


    Frequency respond

    45Hz to 20kHz, +0/-3 dB re: 1kHz with flat bass/treble


    ﹤0.5% THD @ Full power


    > 82Db @ 1kHz

    Crosstalk attenuation

    > 63Db @ 1kHz

    Timbre control

    Bass: +12dB Boost or -12dB Cut @ 100Hz
    Treble: +12dB Boost or -12dB Cut @ 10kHz


    110-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 2A external power, 24VDC 2A tabletop switch


    335(L) x 182(W) x 65(H) mm




    Black (Custom-made)



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