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Wired voting system-Full digital Embed 5 keys voting unit RX-D2500/LBI

Full digital main unit is the core component of ADCS system. It’s the important intercommunication factor of conference unit and software. Can control speech、video tracing、voting function via the navigation keyboard of the panel, and LCD.

Product number:RX-D2500/LBI


  • Description
  • Technical Specs
  • Connection
  • Ø Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC  60065 international standard.
    Ø All digital audio transmission technique, point to point connection mode,  remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between  equipments could reach at 150m
    Ø 160*32 LCD, display conference info.
    Ø Built in IC card reader, support IC card sign-in, delegates degree identifyi ng,IC card key and set menu language etc.
    Ø Embedded design, mode, elegance, nobleness and dantesque.
    Ø Hand in hand connection way.
    Ø Support“PnP”.
    Ø Can start sign-in, voting and other agendas on the conference controller without management software
    Ø Every unit have the only ID, ensure equipment steadiness
    Ø Support key sign-in and later sign-in function. Sign-in can be realtime displayed dynamically.
    Ø Support IC card sign-in, delegates degree identifying,IC card key and set menu language etc.
    Ø Working with extension controllers, can connect max 65535 voting units.
    Ø Can work in Restmoment full digital systems together with other voting function units.
    Ø Units can receive/send and read short messages.
    Ø In combination with the corresponding software modules, conference ma in unit and chairman can be implemented:
    ● Parliamentary: agree/oppose/abstain, Pass-rate setup
    ● Multi choice/Opinion poll:1/2/3/4/5
    ● Audience response/Rating:--/-/0/+/++, could setup content
    ● Score: 0---100, practically participant person as average fraction
    Ø Working with management software to achieve more functions.

    • Wired voting system-Full digital Embed 5 keys voting unit
  • Parameter\mode

    RX-2500 series


    Full digital system voting series


    Depends on system controller, ≦ 65535





    Working power


    Transmission distance

    40ma, ±5%

    Receive sensitivity


    Maximum power


    Control type


    Internal communications

    Receive/send mess

    Connection mode

    hand in hand


    Big 6 pin DIN

    Sign-in way

    Key or IC card

    Unit ID  User defined
    Voting 5 keys voting
    Color Black,Silver,Grey(Custom-made)
    IC Card yes


    L*W*H 190*95*52mm
    embedded part:166*89*47mm       



  • Wired voting system-Full digital Embed 5 keys voting unit RX-D2500/LBI

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