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UHF wireless conference system-Wireless conference unit RX-D2904/03

Advanced automatic frequency technology. If the frequency of transmitter and receiver are mess, you can press conference unit to search the frequency of transmitter and adjust the frequency same as transmitter’s

Product number:RX-D2904/03


  • Description
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  • Ø   Adopt UHF super high frequency range; Less interference than traditional VHF and more reliable.
    Ø   DPLL synthesis of digital phase locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesizer. In 60MHz frequency bandwidth, 300KHz channel apart, it provide 200 channels. Many sets machine can be used simultaneously.
    Ø   The whole system hardware is controlled by microcomputer CPU, which can be used for frequency selection, display, frequency data processing and automatic channel tracking.
    Ø   2904/03 adopt 14 mm diameter gold-plated capacitive core. The pickup distance can reach 130cm
    Ø   Special receiving sensitivity adjustable function which is used to improve anti-interference capacity or increase receiving distance.
    Ø   LCD display screen. Can check working status clearly.
    Ø   The range can be 60M in ideal environment.
    Ø   Free discussion working mode.
    Ø   Using 20pcs wireless conference units in same space and same frequency range; If the frequency is not setup properly, it will causes intermodulation interference.
    Ø   Adopt the 2400mah lithium battery which is designed to work for 48 hours. The lithium battery can be removed for centralized charging
    Ø   We suggest to choose profession & high efficiency recharging box.

    • UHF wireless conference system-Wireless conference unit
  • Model


    System capacity

    Depends on system controller ≤20 pcs

    Frequency range


    Modulation mode

    Wide band FM

    Adjustable range


    Channel quantity


    Channel spacing


    Frequency stability

    Within ±0.005%

    Dynamic range


    Frequency swing


    Frequency response

    80Hz ~ 18KHz (±3dB)

    Comprehensive SNR


    Comprehensive distortion


    Working temperature


    Antenna program

    Built-in helical antenna

    Output power

    High power 30mW; Low power 3mW

    Transmitting distance

    High power: 60M; Low power 50M

    Spurious inhibition


    Power supply

    2400MA/H lithium battery; Can work 48 hours continuously.


    Grey, Black, silver



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