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Wireless controller-Full digital wireless conference controller RX-M4863/VB

Adopt Restmoment original 2.4GHz full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60065 international standard. The controller has 6 full-digital 6-pin interfaces: support 1PC 2.4G wireless data collector interface, and 5 wired hand-in-hand output interfaces.

Product number:RX-M4863/VB


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  • Ø Adopt Restmoment original 2.4GHz full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60065 international standard.

    Ø The controller has 6 full-digital 6-pin interfaces: support 1PC 2.4G wireless data collector interface, and 5 wired hand-in-hand output interfaces

    Ø The controller can connect both wireless conference system and wired conference system at the same time: supports 256 wireless conference units and 100 wired hand-in-hand conference units

    Ø The controller has built-in input and output digital volume adjustment. And it can independently adjust the volume of each microphone

    Ø It has 5-band EQ balance adjustment function, bass cut function, noise gate function, and microphone automatic gain adjustment function

    Ø It has 2.8 inch LCD, Chinese/English menu display. It can order any language

    Ø The controller has 2PCS RJ45 function expansion network interfaces, which can be upgraded and function expanded

    Ø The controller has five-in-one functions: the controller can be set as the system controller, backup controller, extension controller, combined controller and distribution controller to meet the requirements of different conference rooms

    Ø The controller has dual hot backup function, dual software backup function, and camera tracking dual backup function

    Ø The system supports max 8 conference rooms splitting/combined function (optional function)

    Ø Has five microphone working modes

        ● Quantity limit mode: 1 to 3 units allowed to be opened at the same time

        ● FIFO mode: After reaching the limit quantity, the last open unit covers the earliest open unit

        ● Application mode: All delegates speakings are rejected or approved by the Executive Chairman

        ● Voice activated mode: open the unit with sound control, adjustable voice threshold

        ● Press key to speak mode: Press key to turn on microphone

    Ø Has 3pcs RS-232 serial ports. It can be connected to PC computer, central control system and high-definition video matrix.

    Ø The controller has a HD video matrix that directly controls the same code to realize video switching.

    Ø Video tracking has ball parameter, operation option, video matrix and MIC video setup functions;

    Ø Support 100 delegates to apply for speaking sequence; It can display real-time application sequence on PC software.

    Ø Support key sign-in and later sign-in function. Sign-in can be displayed real-time.

    Ø Conference controller has sign-in, voting, response, scoring, conference result display and conference setting functions.

    Ø Support IC card sign-in, delegate identification, IC card key and setup display language

    Ø The system has any designated VIP microphone. And it supports 150 chairman units

    Ø The controller is connected to the computer through TCP/IP protocol, which can perform remote control maintenance and system upgrade

    Ø Working with the conference management software, it has one-key backup and system recovery functions: the conference management software has the one-key backup import and export function, which can back up all the data of the system controller (including video tracking data, etc.) and save them to the computer; The file is quickly exported to the system controller, then the two controllers has same configuration data.

    • Wireless controller-Full digital wireless conference controller
  • Parameter\mode


    Working power

    AC100~ 120V, 50/60Hz, 4A

    Working consumption

    Depends on the quantity of connecting unit: Single unit 6W, Maximum 320w



    Menu display


    Wired single channel capacity

    Conference unit 20pcs

    Wired microphone capacity

    Multifunction unit 120pcs, can be expanded to 4095pcs

    Transmission distance

    Max 100M

    Unit output interface voltage


    Audio input

    RCA X 2   11dBV ; XLR x 1   11dBV

    Audio output

    RCA X 2   10dBV ; XLR x 1   16dBV

    Output impedance

    RCA: 650Ω   XLR: 450Ω

    Frequency response

    20 ~ 20KHz



    Dynamic range


    Total harmonic distortion


    External microphone interface

    1 Channel

    Conference unit edit number


    Support chairman unit quantity


    Special function

    Support 1 backup controller; conference room combined mode supports 8 controllers; Supports up to 99 controllers

    Serial control

    RS-232 X 3

    Network port control

    RJ45 X 2

    Working mode

    5 modes

    Number of turned on microphone

    Single wired microphone 1~6; Connected RF transceiver 3pcs

    Speaking time limit function


    Video control type


    Unit connector

    Wired: 6 pin DIN

    Balling unit capacity

    8 pcs

    Number of panoramas

    Can setup 8X4 panoramas; Can setup switching time and sequence


    Dark grey

    Net weight



    432L x 90H x 350W mm


    Suitable for 19 inch standard stand

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