• Full digital interpretation controller Interpretation controller RX-M9208.jpg

Full digital interpretation controller Interpretation controller RX-M9208

Interpretation controller adopts full digital audio decode and digital audio compression technology. The output sound is near CD quality. It has 8 CH, 16 CH, 32 CH, and 64 CH simultaneous interpretation and monitoring (including floor channel) function. It centralized controls conference through 5 directional navigation keyboard and 2.8 inch LCD screen.

Product number:RX-M9208


  • Description
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  • Connection
  • Ø Adopt Restmoment full digital conference technology, compliant to IEC 60914 and IEC 60065 international standard

    Ø 2.8 inch LCD and panel navigation keyboard, could setup menu.

    Ø It controls this integrated system through navigation key board of the panel.

    Ø Adopt high speed RISC embedded hardware structure, more reliable, faster.

    Ø Full digital audio transmission and processing technology. The sound is close to CD quality.

    Ø Built-in input/output digital volume adjustment. It can adjust system input/output signal.

    Ø Point to point connection. Remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 150m

    Ø System self-checking function which can check system list and working status. Also it can position the fault.

    Ø Manual edit ID number according to console’s position.

    Ø Hot-plug and hot-unplug function.

    Ø 4 ports. It can connect with 80 interpreter units.

    Ø Built-in 200 language names. LED on all interpreter console can display channel name.

    Ø Aluminium alloy case, antistatic. And it has ROHS certification.

    Ø Adopts 2U international standard design which can be installed in 19inch case.

    Ø Built-in international common use power and stabilized system.

    Ø Working with conference management software to achieve more increment functions

    • Full digital interpretation controller Interpretation controller
  • Parameter\mode

    Full digital interpretation controller

    Working power

    AC100 ~240V, 50/60 Hz


    2.8 inch LCD screen

    Working consumption

    Depends on the quantity of connecting unit: Single unit 25W, Maximum 400w

    Capacity of consoles


    Audio input

    RCA X 2 2V p-p
    6.3mm X1 -50dB
    XLR X 1 -50dB

    Audio output

    RCA X 2 2V p-p
    XLR x 1 -50dB

    Output impedance


    Frequency response

    20 ~ 20KHz



    Dynamic range


    Channel separation


    Total harmonic distortion


    Video control type


    6pin mount

    Big 6 pin DIN(Or Big 8 pin DIN)

    Interpretation channel



    Dark grey

    Net weight



    432L x 90H x 350W mm


    Suitable for 19 inch standard stand

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